Magento or Shopify E-commerce Platforms

Ok, so you want an online shop – you have heard of both of these options but you dont know what to invest in.  Spending time setting up a website is time lost if you choose a solution that doesn’t fit your own needs.  It is also worth thinking about the future needs of your shop also.  Anyone who has done any research around E-commerce platforms will have noticed Magento either the Community Edition which is free to use or the paid for service.  I will just take a bit of time to highlight issues concerning the most common Magento CE edition for now.

Both Magento and Shopify are the most go to choices for many thousands of small to mid size businesses looking to sell products online.    I will just take a few moments here to what makes both of these options great and what you might expect from each solution.

New Website Going Live

Each website project brings its own challenges and rewards.  Working with Magento for e-commerce projects is not something to be taken lightly when you have to transfer a product category that numbers in its thousands!.. I would like to welcome my new website to the world for Car Audio Direct – a fantastic Car Audio…