Actors portfolio website

Portfolio website for London based actor & performer Jan van der Black WordPress Custom Coded Website Me and Jan go back quite a bit, while I was living up in Inverness a few years ago I had a bit of spare time and decided to sign up for some acting classes in the local theatre Eden…

Animation Work For CSPE In Italy

A Short GIF Animation Made In 2006 Please excuse the stretched image – This short animation was made specifically to fit into the last page of a powerpoint presentation.  The page space given was quite small with the idea that it would be projected larger along with the rest of the presentation.  Unfortunately the presentation…

Artists Portfolio Website Vivian Mark

Artists Portfolio Website Asked by Vivian Mark to build a website for her art exhibitions. See website

Attraction Tix UI Design

UI designs for website redesign Attraction tix are a company based in Birmingham who sell tickets to holidays and special events, they have another website called Florida Tix which deals with events specifically in Florida USA. In 2012 I was asked to provide User Interface (UI) designs and recommendations for the 2 main websites which…

Car Audio Direct E-Commerce Website

Magento e-commerce website build for Car Audio Direct A complex high-end website build with POS sales material for a company based in Oxford who were looking for a fast responsive website.  Because it was such a high-end retail website with 5000+ products I selected Magento as the basis of the design rather than WordPress, WordPress is another good base…

Car Audio Ebay Store

Custom Ebay store build for Car Audio Security. The storefront had a very basic theme whilst handling a massive amount of traffic and sales, I was asked to upgrade the design to give this Ebay store a much more professional design.

Car Audio Security Design and Artworking

Graphic Design and Artworking for Car Audio Security I was working with Car Audio Security for nearly 3 years and during that time I created some very effective designs.   Firstly I created many Flash based Ad banners that were shown on the existing website and other affiliate websites.  I also created many designs for print from…


Catering Responsive Website

Sarge’s Rib Shack Responsive (mobile friendly) website for a catering company in Georgia USA. website here

Clifford Alarms – Website

Website build for a large car alarms manufacturer

Ebay Store Home Audio Products

Custom Ebay store build build for an already existing company.

Event Branding & Newsletter

HTML newsletter graphic design and coding I was asked to design some HTML newsletter templates by Open Brackets who are the website builders for Car Audio Security.  Displayed here is the design for our Show and Shine event.


FastForward MotoCross Electronic Start Gate

Logo Design Ideas Asked by Jeremy Benchmark the developer of “Fast Forward Motocross Start Gate” To make a logo for him in the traditional rough & ready motocross style! Concept designs & final shown opposite