Portfolio website for London based actor & performer Jan van der Black

WordPress Custom Coded Website

Me and Jan go back quite a bit, while I was living up in Inverness a few years ago I had a bit of spare time and decided to sign up for some acting classes in the local theatre Eden Court.  That is where I met fellow acting star Jan, anyway much fun was had with the theatre group – those who say acting is hard work don’t mention what a laugh it can be also! – an amazing experience for sure!.,

Jan is now down in London bidding for the next big audition and we had a meet up to discuss a strong website portfolio for him with the following requirements:

Website needs to be:

  • Must be mobile friendly
  • Must be easy to add news posts / pages (previous website was static and difficult to update)
  • Graphically dark and sleek – He likes film noir and was insistent on this
  • Nice logo branding – an old typewriter font style was requested
  • SEO friendly

Website now – The website has since been altered graphically by the actor himself as he tried to bring otehr elements into his website and his own film production company.